Why InnovaCare ?

Why InnovaCare ?
  • We facilitate to you finding quality healthcare, shorten your waiting time and offer you the best treatment methods at affordable prices.


  • We bring you together with reliable and certified healthcare providers. Our partners are internationally accredited organizations. Patient privacy is our primary concern and all transactions are kept confidential and not shared with third parties.


  • You can be in direct contact with Innovacare personnel. After the request you will create for the healthcare service, our primary task is to provide a personalized offer from the healthcare professional of your choice.


  • Each price offer, the consultancy and guidance service we will provide, a detailed treatment plan, the hotel payment you will choose for your accommodation, the travel health insurance we will make on your behalf, the translation service, the airport-hotel-hospital VIP transfer fee, the service commission fee of our agency is included. It includes the total cost amount after the package contents are mutually clarified.


  • The total amount to be paid becomes clear during the treatment of the patient in the hospital itself, on the other hand, in health services where the total final package price will not occur due to the treatment duration, treatment type and number of procedures that cannot be determined due to the nature of the disease from afar.


  • We make your travel health insurance on your behalf. In this way, you will not be harmed in the opposite case that may occur.


  • Above all, we are medical professionals who put your health first. In expert hands, patient satisfaction and successful treatment are our priority.