About us

About us

Facilitator Medical Tourism Agency is a medical tourism and consultancy agency working under the aegis of the Sara International Medical Tourism Limited Company based in Turkey, authorized by the Turkish official institutions. It is a professional intermediary institution formed by health professionals such as doctors, nurses and technicians who have gained years of experience in health tourism in Turkey, worked in hospitals, health facilities, private practice, and specialized in various medical branches.

Our Mission: Facilitating the medical trip of the patient by providing him with  the reputed hospitals and an experienced medical staff assuring healthcare services with high quality.Our agency is arranging the accommodation, the transport , discharge and all of the treatment process of the patient. 

We are affording our services by keeping the patient safety at the forefront and without compromising medical ethical principles.

Our Vision: To bring our patients to quality health care providers in a comfortable and easy way in order to take benefits from the possibilities of modern medicine by counseling and guidance.

Our Corporate Values:

  • We offer the most appropriate solutions to the needs and problems of the patients.
  • We base the decision-making process about the health service that patients want to receive on participation, transparency and equality.
  • We share our decisions in an open and honest communication.
  • We value feedback and self-criticism and create opportunities for improvement.
  • We recognize our employees and business partners, value their ideas and support the generation of new ideas.
  • We question the processes and the system in adverse situations that may develop.
  • We evaluate the issues within the framework of the legislation, without prejudice, unconditionally and in good faith.