Land Ambulance

We ensure the safe transportation of patients with poor health conditions from the airport to the hospital through our ambulances. We work with our fully equipped equipment in order to ensure that health services are carried out smoothly in terms of patient health. In our ambulances, there is a health team to monitor the patient's condition, and in case of possible complications, the patient is immediately intervened. We can take the patient directly via our ambulance, without exposing the patient to procedures such as security checks, airport entrance and exit, by putting the ground ambulance that we provide 24/7 service to the runway and docking under the plane.

Ambulance Helicopter

Helicopter ambulances equipped with intensive care equipment are mostly demanded in areas where ambulance planes cannot fly, in rural areas, in areas far from the airport, for close flights and for transfers from hospital to hospital. The flight range of ambulance helicopters is not as long as ambulance planes. For this reason, ambulance aircraft are generally preferred for long flights.

Ambulance Aircraft

With our aircraft equipped with intensive care equipment, we transfer the patient safely to the health facility they need by performing the transfer under appropriate conditions. In order to ensure that the flight is safe and healthy, we perform the flight after examining the epicrisis (general/medical status) of the patient to be transferred in order to evaluate and plan the details of the transfer.

VIP Transfer

As Innovacare Facilitator Medical Tourism Agency, we provide airport-hotel-hospital-city transfers of our valuable passengers on time and safely. Our experienced employees, including interpreters, are responsible for fulfilling your transfers on time, even during the busiest hours of traffic, in our most technologically equipped, luxurious and comfortable VIP vehicles.

Travel Health Insurance