Acıbadem Health Group

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital
Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital

Having the first hospital founded in 1991, Acıbadem Health Group, now, renders healthcare services by approximately 22.500 employees, including 3.500 doctors and 4.500 nurses, at 22 hospitals and 18 medical centers. Acıbadem offers diagnostic and treatment services in line with requirements of JCI accreditation and certified health standards at Acıbadem Adana, Acıbadem Atakent, Acıbadem Maslak, Acıbadem Sistina, Acıbadem City Clinic Tokuda and Acıbadem City Clinic Umbal Eood Hospitals thanks to its technology and infrastructure. Acıbadem Health Group provides patients with “360-degree” healthcare services in all medical departments through affiliated companies for supportive services besides hospitals and medical centers.

Journey of Growth in Healthcare

Acıbadem Hospital was first founded as a district hospital in 1991 and now, it continues the growth and development journey at global scale through an agreement concluded with IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the largest groups in Far East. In addition to hospital and healthcare investments in 8 major countries of Asia-Pacific region, IHH Healthcare Berhad has education and real estate investments in many countries around the globe and it is the second biggest healthcare chain of the world thanks to its strong structure arising out of the partnerships with Khazanah -investment fund of Malaysian government, Mitsui&Co. Ltd. company from Japan and Aydınlar Family. Acıbadem is an important part of this chain since 2012.

Acıbadem Health Group acquired Tokuda Group and City Clinic Group which are among the pioneering members of healthcare sector of Bulgaria in 2016. Acıbadem incorporated 4 hospitals and 5 medical centers through an investment of 125 million Euros to both groups and it is, now, the major private healthcare service provider of Bulgaria. Accordingly, Acıbadem started to serve patients in 5 countries with 22 hospitals and 18 medical centers in total.