Six Pack Surgery Abdominal Aesthetics Turkey Cost, Details and After

Six Pack Surgery Abdominal Aesthetics Turkey Cost, Details and After

The desire for a well-trained, well-formed body is growing more and more these days. For many men, this includes a defined washboard abs, six pack. However, this can only be achieved through hours of training over years and a strict diet. However, many working men do not have the time for this and genetics also stand in the way of many on the way to this goal. The fat cells on the abdomen can be very stubborn and do not disappear despite a conscious diet and exercise. With a six-pack surgery, you get a flat, defined washboard stomach despite all these circumstances. Find out more about this treatment now.

Many people associate an attractive, male body with a clearly defined six-pack. But this wish remains unfulfilled for many men due to genetics, eating habits or lack of time. Since they still want to achieve their own ideal of beauty, they intensify their efforts and are disappointed that the abdominal muscles are not as prominent as in their role models. This often takes a toll on self-confidence. A short intervention from the plastic-aesthetic surgery can remedy this and give you the body that you have been working towards for so long. During the six-pack operation, the excess, stubborn fat on the abdomen is suctioned off and the remaining fat is positioned in such a way that an optical six-pack abs is formed. To do this, our team not only defines the front abdominal muscles, but also the lateral ones. In order to create a completely harmonious result, the chest area can also be adjusted during six pack surgery.

Like liposuction, Six-Pack surgery removes fat deposits from under the skin. Instead of removing fat from the midsection, however, this type of cosmetic procedure contours and shapes a patient's abdominal wall to give the abdominal muscle an extremely defined appearance.

What is Six Pack Surgery?

When performed carefully by an experienced physician, abdominal etching can significantly deepen the natural creases of the patient's body and result in a visibly toned midsection and sculpted stomach, significantly enhancing the male aesthetic.

What is Six Pack Surgery?

Abdominal muscle surgery is an aesthetic treatment method that can be performed by both men and women. The abdominal muscles are located between the belly button and the chest area. In males, the abdominal muscles are similar to the shape of a diamond and there are six. For this reason, it is also known as the six pack or baklava muscle. In women, there is one on each side of the midline in the abdomen. For this reason, it is also called two pack. Six pack surgery in men and two pack surgery in women are among the frequently preferred aesthetic methods. Since there are aesthetic surgeries performed without creating incisions and scars on the skin , there is no scar on the body after abdominal muscle surgeries .

Natural Six Pack Looks With Six Pack Surgery 

As a result of abdominal muscle aesthetics, patients have the appearance of a six pack abdominal muscles. It is not difficult to gain abdominal muscles as a result of long efforts. It is possible to have natural looking six pack muscles in a short time. Six pack surgery is a painless procedure. Six pack surgery is applied by expert estheticians. It basically includes fat removal ( liposuction ) and fat addition processes. The fat taken from the person during the six pack surgery then added to the necessary areas to obtain a six pack abdominal muscle appearance . In some cases, in addition to abdominal muscle aesthetics, tummy tuck and skin rejuvenation surgeries are also applied.

  • Six Pack Surgery:  The abdominal muscle surgery method applied in men is called six pack surgery. Because men have six lozenge-shaped abdominal muscles. Liposuction and fat addition are performed in accordance with the shape of the muscles. The fat on the lines between the six muscles is removed by liposuction. Then, these fat are injected into the areas where the muscles curve with appropriate methods. Thus, the muscles become more pronounced.
  • Two Pack Surgery:  Abdominal muscle aesthetics applied in women are called two pack surgery. This is because women have two prominent abdominal muscles. When a line is drawn from top to bottom at the level of the navel, there is one longitudinal muscle on both sides of the line. In order to make the finish lines of these muscles prominent, fat is removed from these areas with the liposuction method. Then the taken fat is injected into the areas where the muscles should protrude.

Natural Six Pack Looks With Six Pack Surgery

Who Can Have Six Pack Surgery?

Abdominal muscle surgery can be applied to both men and women. It is appropriate to have abdominal muscle aesthetics for people over the age of 18 who have completed their body development . People who already tried and failed having the abdominal muscle structure they want with strict exercises and diets should apply for this surgery. It is also a method used by people who do not want to struggle for a long time to get smooth abdominal muscles. People with chronic systemic diseases can have abdominal muscle surgery with the approval of the doctor after the examination.

As in any surgical procedure, the patient must meet a series of criteria. The ideal candidate for abdominal six-pack surgery must meet the following factors:
  • A person without extreme obesity
  • Non-smokers
  • Men or women with well-toned underlying abs
  • People with realistic expectations
  • Patients who wish to undergo abdominal etching must also be healthy enough to undergo anesthesia safely.

What are the Advantages of Abdominal Muscle Surgery (Two Pack) in Women?

Like men, the appearance of the abdomen in women is of great importance in having a fit body. Women who try to get rid of abdominal fat with diet and intense sports dream of abdominal muscles. However, it is not easy to have attractive abdominal muscles due to genetic factors and adverse conditions such as sagging in the abdomen after pregnancy. Abdominal muscle aesthetics, which is an effective method, is also preferred by women. Abdominal muscle surgery applied to women is two pack surgery. As a result of the physician's examination, it is decided whether the patient is suitable for two pack surgery. While it is challenging to devote time to a regular sport, it is possible to want to have a sporty body.People who want a sporty look also benefit from Two Pack surgery for women.

How to prepare for six-pack surgery?

How to prepare for six-pack surgery?

Before the start of six pack surgery, patients may be required to:
  • Consult with a plastic surgeon
  • Complete physical exam
  • Get lab tests and chest x-rays
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least 2 weeks before the procedure
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatories, and herbal supplements that can increase bleeding

Six Pack Surgery Procedure

Before the six pack surgery, you will have a detailed discussion with one of our experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. There you'll describe your expectations and ask all the questions you have. Your doctor will answer all of them and explain you the process in detail. He will also be able to give you a realistic picture of the result. The costs of six pack surgery will also be discussed with you. On the day of six pack surgery, the surgeon draws the contours of your abdominal muscles on the skin so that the fat is positioned appropriately on your body during the six pack surgery. Depending on how severe the procedure will be, you will be given a local anaesthetic, twilight sleep or general anaesthetic. In the six pack operation, we use vibration-assisted liposuction and move the remaining fat cells in such a way that an optical six-pack is created. First, a tumescence solution is injected into the areas that are to be suctioned off in order to loosen the fat cells and ensure the operation is painless and bleeding-free. Then doctor uses his special liposuction method to precisely loosen the fat cells between the individual muscle groups. Surrounding vessels, nerves and ligament structures are spared. After removing the loosened fat cells, your muscles are exposed step by step. The obtained fat is cleaned, prepared and shaped on other parts of the body if desired (lipofilling). You will be given compression garments to help the wound heal after the six pack surgery. You should continue to wear these for about 2-6 weeks to increase the effect. Your specialist will discuss exactly how long you should wear them with you personally.

In most cases you can go home 1 day after the six pack surgery. 2-7 days after the six pack surgery you can continue your everyday life as usual. You should only resume your training program after about 4 weeks.

Six Pack Surgery Procedure

You can already see the result on the day of the six pack surgery. However, at this point the result is distorted by swelling and hematoma. The final result of six pack surgery will be visible after a few weeks. Since our specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery often perform this procedure, no one will be able to tell the difference between your operated six pack and a "real" six-pack. If you continue to pay attention to your diet and the training program, the result is permanently visible.

Recovery After Six Pack Surgery

Recovery time after six pack surgery is relatively fast. After the procedure, a bandage is wrapped around the abdomen. This bandage is not removed for as long as the doctor deems appropriate. Within a few weeks, the desired fit body appearance begins to occur. However, it is inconvenient to lose or gain weight after six pack surgery. Attention should be paid to diet and exercise. Otherwise, the muscle appearance obtained as a result of the six pack surgery may deteriorate. In addition, it is normal to have slight swelling and redness in the operation area after the six pack surgery. This is a temporary situation. In order to prevent infection, it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations.

What to Consider Before Six Pack Surgery?

You are ideally suited for a six-pack surgery if your weight does not fluctuate, you are sporty and pay attention to your diet. Reaching your target weight before surgery and keeping it constant for several months is also good. 

Should I Perform Abdominal Exercises Before The Six Pack Surgery?

Recovery After Six Pack Surgery

Of course! Your doctor cannot reveal what is not there! The more regularly and intensively you train, the better the operational result will be. In the case of insufficient muscle mass your surgeon possibly inject the extracted fat into individual muscle areas to create volume during six pack surgery..

Why Can't I Get a Six Pack Despite Training?

For a visibly attractive six-pack, several factors must be present. This includes, above all, a muscle-promoting diet and intensive physical training. But genetic conditions and the distribution of fat in the body also play a significant role. In addition, over the years, a slower metabolism can contribute to making all efforts more difficult. That's why very few men can achieve a natural six-pack.

Does The Result of Six Pack Surgery Last Forever?

If you continue to train well after the six-pack operation, pay attention to your diet, change or continue your lifestyle in a healthy way, then a long-term result can be achieved.

When Does Abdominal Aesthetics Show Its Effect?

Abdominal muscle aesthetics shows its effect within a few weeks after the operation. This period may vary depending on the amount of liposuction applied to the patient, the general condition of the patient and the speed of recovery. However, the period of emergence of the abdominal muscles is not long. It is very short compared to the time reached with sports and diet.

Six Pack Surgery Cost Turkey

Six Pack Surgery Cost Turkey 2022

Abdominal muscle surgeries are preferred by men and women who want to have an athletic body. Six pack surgery in Turkey may vary in terms of prices. Different six pack surgery prices in Turkey can be determined according to the experience of the physician who will perform the abdominal muscle aesthetics, the amount of liposuction, the quality of the material to be used, and the method to be applied. Abdominal muscle aesthetics in Turkey should not be considered as simple surgeries, and centers with other branches should be preferred in terms of complications that may develop during surgery.  You can get detailed information about abdominal muscle surgeries cost in Turkey by contacting us.

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